South Korean gymnast Yang Tae-young is now trying to ask the Court of Arbitration for sport to "correct" the results from the all-around competition so that Paul Hamm gets the silver and he gets the gold. How come FIG President Grundi and many others around the world beg Hamm to give up his gold medal as a gesture of "sportsmanship," but nobody else really seems pissed off at the Korean for not letting it go.

The simple fact is, adding 0.100 to Yang's score assumes everything would've played out the same way, and given that the call for review is so late, it's hard to say that we shouldn't review everything, including missed deductions and the like. Real sportsmanship would be to the let this pass. If it helps Yang to believe that he is the "real" champion (which is he not), so be it.

UPDATE: The easiest way to find out what people think about this is to a quick search through Google Groups. Humans are amazing in that, despite obvious truths flying in their face, they stick to their same silly "arguments".

1. "It was a mathematical mistake, so just add it back." Assumes that the Koreans making their protest according to the rules then is equivalent to adding 0.100 now. Take the Venus Williams incident at Wimbledon, where the ref (and all the fans in attendance) accidentally gave a point to her opponent. After the fact, we don't just add a point to Williams' score in the tiebreak, because things would've played out differently. Instead, since we know that the tiebreak was played in good faith, we accept the result.

2. "You're just an American, so you're biased by your media."


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