What I like about being home:

1. Everything's clean
2. I spend most of the day not wearing shoes
3. My bed is huge.
4. My bedsheets get changed regularly! I grabbed my pillow this afternoon, and I was like, whoa there's a really clean pillow cover on it. Coolness.
4. Meals are taken care of
5. No studying
6. This house is huge, man. 3300 sq. ft, mostly high ceilings.

What I don't like:

1. The phone rings more
2. We don't get the Sci-Fi channel here, which means that two hours of my X-Files watching gets cut everyday.
3. I eat less.
4. Slightly less freedom.
5. Pleasanton is about 10 degrees hotter than Palo Alto.
6. Pleasanton is not as nice as it was when I first moved here.
7. Whenever I come back, everyone's getting ready to leave.
8. If someone calls at like 12:30am, the reaction to that is more like "Who the hell calls at 12:30 in the morning?" versus, "Ok, time to go."


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