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Oh yeah, I got home last night. Thought I'd clarify.

Today, I woke up really early. Well, my dad woke me up really early. So at around 8:30AM, I was up and about, and I went running. Normally, I like to run about 4 miles, but my neighborhood is pretty hilly, so I got tired quickly, so I probably only ran somewhere about 2-3. I ate breakfast afterwards, read the paper, and played with BlueJ for a little while. Then I ate at Taxi's for lunch and bought some clothes.

Chris thinks the Terminator can't be taken seriously, and offers up Bill Simon as a genuine conservative alternative.

But kind readers, like Rush Limbaugh does with his Ditto-heads, relax: I'll tell you what to think. The real candidates in this race are Arnold, Gary, and Larry --> The Three Spooges.


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