Oh shit, I forgot to blog about this today. So after I dropped off my stats problem set at 9, I promptly left the classroom and went back to Arroyo to catch some additional Zs. And then, I had a lucid dream -- it was pretty tight. It was just weird coming to the realization that I was dreaming and managing to stay in the dream w/o waking up. I started staring at some air conditioning control switch and watching it morph and the number on it kept changing. Slowly, I started being able to control the dream, testing to see if I could bring in any characters I wanted into the dream. At first, everything I tried to do to control the dream wouldn't work and I remember feeling pretty frustrated. After a while, I decided to just do what I always wanted to do in a dream: FLY.

So I run off this cliff, and I leap into the air and spread my arms like I'm going to do a belly flop. But I can't fly! So I just keep falling without the sensation of falling, but knowing that I'm heading towards the ground. Once I land on the ground, I do feel pain along my ribs and chest, but nothing near what I would've felt if I had landed in real life. And then I lose the feeling I'm in the dream. I try doing the spinning thing to try to stay in, but it doesn't work -- I've lost control, and then I wake up.


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