Alright, so now I finally have some time (well, half an hour) to blog about my weekend.

Friday: I'm lying in bed, and I slowly awaken, and I turn my head, only to see "12:51" on my microwave. "Crap! I have to teach section!" I roll in about two minutes late, put on the mic, and start talking. Then I worked on some stats, and then watched some TV. Later that night, I went to Malibu with Deepak, Jeff, Jeanette, and Naree, where we somehow managed to vote to play minigolf instead of ride the golf carts. I forgot how much mini-golf sucks there, but it's all good, because I won the round, beating Naree by 1 stroke. After that, arcade games were played, some of us trying to make use of our one free token that we received from returning the clubs. I found one of those machines where you try to drop a coin in, and you hope it pushes out the other coins. In between watching Jeff and Jeanette duke it out on the air hockey table, I kept coming back to this machine, glancing at it, hoping that I could figure out a surefire way of getting results. I noticed one of the columns looked particularly fruitful, and I hoped that by winning, I could garner enough tokens to play an arcade game. So with an onlooking crowd behind me, I drop a coin in, and several coins fall out. I'm like, "Score!" And then out comes a bunch of tokens... freakin' a, I wanted tokens, not tickets. So Naree gives me a couple of tokens, and I play skeeball. I play about three games, in two of which I did pretty well. So now I have about like 80 tickets or something. That's about 70,000 away from a Mario phone.

Saturday: I tried to get some work done, and ate at the Macaroni Grill, a place I haven't eaten at in a long, long time. However, I got duped into trying the day's special -- Meatball Lasagna, which the menu seemed to promote well. So I decided I'd try something new and get that instead of my long-time favorite, Penne Rustica. It wasn't a bad dish, but now I know I should've gone with my instincts.

Sunday: After sleeping at around 3 o'clock, I woke up at 9:20 am. Chris dropped by, and we headed over to Pac Bell to watch the Giants destroy the Rockies, 8-4. Foppert was pitching well, and I got to meet some of Chris's friends from high school. Turns out they knew a lot of my friends from Foothill, so seeing those connections was interesting. The Giants were hitting really well, so I had a lot of fun seeing them finally sweep a team. What's cool about baseball is that pretty much every time you go, you're likely to see something you've never seen before, and today, Albert Castillo hit a Grand Slam, which was hella awesome. After the game, ate dinner at FloMo with Chris and Ashni, where someone made a really big mess of rice on our table. I don't know who... but I suspect it had something to do with trying to cut kernels off corn with a knife and the corn slipping and hitting rice all over the place.


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