10:35 hits, and I wake up. I'm hungry, so I want to eat. Nothing is open, however. Treehouse is closed. CoHo's doors are open, but the service is closed. Luckily, the Tressider patio is open for business. I ask for a cheeseburger and a soda. The kid hands me a soda, and I wait for the cheeseburger. The kid gives the cheeseburger, I grab a couple of packets of ketchup, and eat outsde of the CoHo.

Anything missing here?

I forgot to pay.

I didn't realize this until after I went to Gates to pick up my sectionees' CS106A assignments. I was checking my e-mail in the Gates cluster, and somehow money came to my mind (could it be because of Marla Kensington, with her exception e-mail, subject line: "[SPAM: ###] Huey, lower your debt by 15% today!"). Then, I was like "Oh, shit. I'll go back and pay for it once I leave." But for some reason, I forget to bike towards Tressider, and then I just chill in my room for a little bit. Despite my strong memory, I can't remember exactly what I did, but I'm guessing I played SubSpace, under my new moniker, "SegFault."

Then I notice I'm not feeling so well. Actually kind of dizzy. Then it hits me that I didn't go back to pay for my meal. This is at about 1:50. So I bike over to Tressider, and to my chagrin, the patio is closing up. I talk to one of the workers, and he tries for a minute to contact someone to take my money, but then after no luck, he tells me not to worry about it. So I do feel a little better because I tried to "do the right thing." Remind me on Monday to drop off the $6 I owe Stanford Dining Services.

In other news, I went home shortly thereafter. Upon arrival, I call up Justin Kwan, because we made arrangements to play tennis today. However, despite my constant reminders and mental notes to myself to do so, I forget to take my racquets home. So I use one of Justin's. Once I arrive at Muirwood Park, guess who I run into? The Shens (minus Helen)! Michael still hits the same way he did in high school, which basically means he barely makes contact with the ball. I play half a set with Kwan, and after I go up 3-0 with my "I'm tired, I'm just going to whack the ball every time I see it" strategy, Amy (Michael Shen's little sister) destroys him in a quick first set. Or at least, I figure Amy won. So we decide to play some doubles, Michael and Huey vs. Justin and Amy. Ever since high school ended, I haven't been too competitive, so I'm just slacking off as we play this doubles set. I'm going for two first serves (which would probably be a second serve for most people) and I don't even rush the net like I've been programmed to do. It's almost like playing Pleasanton League again, with the one-up-one-back style of attack we present. Surprsingly enough, despite Michael's ability to serve the ball in play, we go up 5-2, and it's my serve, 40-15. I'm still joking around, so I yell out "Double set point!" Kwan yells back, his voice penetrating through the whirr of the freeway traffic adjacent to Muirwood Park, "Showoff!" I laugh. Then it all goes downhill from there. We end up losing that game. And the next one. And the next one. And did I say, the next one? So we're down 6-5, but we actually manage to win a game and go to a tie-breaker. Funny thing is, once that tiebreaker hits, I actually end up playing seriously. But in a non-competitive way. I place my serves, I actually use passable footwork and stick a couple of volleys. But, we still lose. But at least I had fun.

Ever since, I've just been eating dinner and grading 106A assignments. Good times. Not. I think somewhere it got lost on me that having two sections would mean that I would be grading twice as many assignments. I just finished my local section, and now it's on with the SCPD kids. Grading with fireworks in the background. What a way to spend the 4th!


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