Trippy dream. So I'm apparently taking Cathy and Naree to the airport, I don't really know why. I also remember stuff happened on the way to the airport, but I seriously can't remember. Anyway, as we're walking around the airport, I notice Naree has one of those magician's infinite chain of handkerchief-type dealies, except the napkins are replaced by the really small thin foamy like toy thingies, and so I grab some of them and start running around. All of the ones I pull are all purple. Then a kid and his dad spot us and they decide to go chase after the trail of these things, so Cathy and Naree grab what I pulled and try to conceal it and start running and hiding from the kid and his dad, and I'm just hanging around. At one point, I find a detached piece on the ground, so I pick it up, then I find Naree and I see she's hid everything pretty well. Then the kid spots me and notices that I have a piece of the thing, so they chase me into the store. Dad points a cartoonish looking gun and asks me what would happen if he shot me with "an AK-47" even though the thing pointing at me is obviously a pistol. I kinda duck behind the magazine aisle and say, "Well, that'd be a strike. But then I'd retaliate and probably have you killed." He says, "Oh, that's not so good," and then leaves.

Then day turns to night, and apparently there's some sort of big-ass party at the airport. I just walk around and chill with people, when I run into three drunk-ass Indians I know who seem really happy. Something happens... and then I wake up in a room. It's 6:37 AM, and I'm like, "Shit, I woke up so early. This dream was weird, I should go blog about it." And I get up.

Then I really do get up, and I realize I just had one of those dream-inside-a-dream things. And in reality I actually woke up even earlier! 5:39AM.



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