CAN'T SLEEP --> STUDY POLICY Riddle me this: I study last night till about 3 am, when I finally give in and say, "I'm too tired to study anymore, I just want to go to bed." Then I ride back from Gates to Trancos, all the while looking forward to oh sweet sleep. Then I finally arrive in my room, and I decide, "Hey, I kinda stink, let me go take a shower." The shower was somewhat refreshing, but I still was tired. Then I get into bed, and I don't sleep at all. Not tired at all. At some point around 5ish I think I finally dozed off, but then at 6 I wake up to go to the bathroom, try to go back to bed, and just can't. So I got out of bed after trying to go back to sleep, did some laundry, studied a little bit, and then at around 8 I felt tired and slept till about 11.

I wonder why I'm so tired... :)

I think I will take a nap in Meyer library as soon as I'm done blogging.

It's interesting to read other people's blogs, esp. the ones belonging to those you haven't talked to in a long time. Learning about their different paths is exciting, even if I'm not really a part of their lives anymore.


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