Sometimes I think all my thoughts come from other people's heads, that nothing I hear in my head actually comes from me.

I worked a shift earlier in the day, checking out soccer camp kids. It was pretty easy for most of it. Did the usual carrying of tables and chairs. Conference Services scheduled one too many CAs for the job, so for the first 30 minutes or so, I just sat around reading Newsweek while the others were working. Eventually, I actually did some work. After work, I went to Celia's with Naree after a botched attempt to go to Applewood's. Either way, lunch was a reminder that we probably should start trying to save money. In fact, I think my body's trying to do that for me. We ate lunch from around 2 to 3, and I didn't get hungry again till 11. This trend has been occuring for the past couple days, so maybe my body's trying to save me some cash by not wanting to eat.

Anyways, after getting dropped off at Arroyo, I had a nice bike ride over to Town and Country to get my back cracked. I think lifting all those tables these past few days have made my lower back pretty sore, either that or situps or something -- I dunno. I managed to make it back in time for the start of the game. Did drop off my bill in between.

Chris Li came over and we watched some CWS. Chris walked into the room hearing me inform him that we were down 3-0, mainly because Mark walked his first four batters. The game was pretty much from then on a disaster. You know the game has gone bad when you talk more about stuff surrounding the game rather than focusing on the event itself. I think Chris left after the 7th, which I believe was a little after Rice broke the game completely open.

I kinda bummed around for a bit, wondering why I wasn't hungry yet. I went to a pretty short Monday meeting at 7 o'clock, which was good in that it was short, but bad in that this quarter I'm getting paid for my time. Last quarter, Monday meetings took forever, but alas, this is the summer.

I dropped by Sigma Chi to sign my timesheet, and then I headed over to Roble to visit a bunch of people. Saw a couple of cute girls, and then hung out with Poon, Chris, and Robert McConnell for a couple hours. Even ran into Grant at one point. It's good to hang around with these guys, and I think we all had a pretty enjoyable conversation, but visiting people on a campus where the social scene is so residentially based feels so forced. And once classes and work starts for most of these people, I don't think I can just drop by whenever I want and expect my friends to drop what they're doing just to entertain me. So that's why it's sad to know that I probably won't ever live with these fools again.

One of Robert's roommates has a closet full of khaki-colored cargo pants that all pretty much look the same, minus the varying shades of brown. It is quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I wish I had brought a camera so I could show you the absurdity of the scene. That guy had more cargo pants than days in the week by good measure.

In Wimbledon news, Lleyton Hewitt lost in the first round today, in what may be the most expensive point I have ever gained in ATP Fantasy Tennis ever, costing a grand total of $3,000,000 (+points I would've gained by picking someone else, such as Andy Roddick or Roger Federer). Ok, so I didn't think Hewitt was going to win it all. But looking at his draw, it seemed like he wouldn't have too much trouble making into the second week. Dammit, he had a qualifier in the first round!

Sometimes I wonder if Hewitt is going to end up like Michael Chang and not win another Grand Slam ever again. If so, at least he already won two so far.


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