Man, today was a scorcher! I think the high must've been in lower 90s or something. I ran a couple of errands today, and I managed to get through the day without spending any money on food. Yay, me. Of course, this means, lots of little snack-meals. Note to self: Use the Crothers kitchen next time I cook something. My room smells likes salami now. :)

I just don't want to freakin' walk to Crothers just to use a kitchen, though. I could just steal from FloMo like last summer, but this whole "try to be more ethical" phase I'm going through kind of rules that out. Oh well, having to make my own food just makes me appreciate going out to eat more.

I went on a run at about 10, and I decided to heed Mark's advice and try running while listening to music. It really is a lot easier. Managed to run around campus for about 40 minutes straight without thinking about it, so that's pretty cool. On my cool down walk, I ran into Mikey and Janet in White Plaza.

Alright, methinks I should go crash now.


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