Bo responds to my laundry skepticism. Then Chris responds to that. Then a "counter-counter-counter" response from Bo. And since I don't want to say "counter" four times, Chris retorts.

I can't really add too much to the debate. I agree that Housing and Dining Services immediate decision to implement the plan without much student input is cause for concern. And I agree with Chris: I don't understand how anyone could spend more than $28 a quarter on laundry without being excessive -- although I'm curious -- if you're one of those people, how do you separate your clothes when you wash? Whites, colors, socks, underwear, hats? If that's the case, I really don't want to foot the bill for you -- go hand wash your clothes. In a 10-week quarter, one load per week, washing and drying still puts me under $28 (not to mention that Spring Quarter is 8 weeks). It's also somewhat disconcerting that the previous Senate voted on this without even discussing the actual fee. In a Cost of Living Campaign, one would think the primary focus would be on the fee.

The bottom line: When students complain about laundry, it's usually general bitching about the price per wash and dryers not working properly. Or, in many houses, there not being enough machines. Maybe this system will work in solving some of those problems, but I'm still skeptical about the merit of this new program, and the existence of masses of students clamoring to pay even more for laundry.


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