About the new flat rate for laundry, I'm really not sure if I like the idea too much. In case you didn't hear, it'll be $28 per quarter, and it's great that I won't have to be looking under the Bob couches for some extra quarters. Sure, students will get unlimited uses, but the fact is, I spend less than $28 a quarter on laundry. I'm also cognizant of the fact that part of this fee will go towards the purchase of newer, better machines. And I understand that this is all part of the Cost of Living Campaign, it seems that trying to make laundry more affordable for students is kinda silly. Students have control over how much they'll spend washing and drying, and reducing costs in this area probably won't affect my budget too seriously -- yay, maybe I get to buy a couple of Jamba Juices. Also, I guess I have some concerns about water conservation. So while laundry may have seemed like an "obvious" place to cut costs, I think most students would prefer cheaper meal plans and book prices. (Of course, I'm aware, they're probably working on that, too)


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